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MR Start is the basic course for working as a member of the MR (Participation Council) in primary and secondary education!

If you are new to the Participation Council (MR) in primary or secondary education, or if you want to assess your basic knowledge again, then the MR Start course is the course for you. It is important for MR members to have a solid understanding of their roles, responsibilities, and rights. Every school must have an MR, where staff members, parents, and (in secondary education) students come together to make important decisions about school policies. MR members represent the stakeholders and actively contribute with critical and constructive thinking to the Competent Authority.

During MR Start, you will gain insight into the formal and informal position of the Participation Council (what it entails). We will discuss the various rights and responsibilities of the MR, as well as examine the documents that the MR should be familiar with and the position of the MR within the school organization. With the knowledge you acquire during this course, you will have a solid foundation for understanding the legal aspects of MR work. After completing this course, you can proceed to the MR Effective course, where you will learn more about how to fulfill your role as an MR member.

In the first part of the course, we focus on the role and position of the MR within the school organization. How can the MR both exercise control over the administration and represent the constituency while also initiating its own actions? And how do the MR, the GMR (General Participation Council), the administrator, and the school management relate to each other? Additionally, in this part, we discuss how MR members are elected in accordance with the Law on Participation in Education (WMS) and explore the general responsibilities of the MR.

In the second part, we delve deeper into the WMS and the rights that the MR possesses: the right to receive information, to initiate actions, to engage in consultations, to provide advice, and to give consent on certain proposals. What are the specific implications of each right, and what procedures are established for them? The objective of this part is for the MR to become acquainted with some of its own rights and to know where these rights are outlined in the law.

In the third and final part, we will delve into several important documents that every MR member should be familiar with. The WMS includes national agreements regarding the organization of participation, but there are also matters determined at the foundation or school level. For example, there is a participation charter at the foundation level that addresses the organization of participation within the foundation. Additionally, each (G)MR/school has its own participation regulations with agreements, including the number of MR members, how the MR communicates with the stakeholders, and timeframes.

After this course:

  • You will be familiar with the basic principles of working as an MR member.
  • You will be acquainted with the key powers of the MR.
  • You will know which documents are essential for the MR.
  • You will be aware of the facilities that you are entitled to as an MR member.

  • Practical information

    Number of participants

    • Physical: up to 15 participants
    • Online: up to 15 participant
      Would you like to organise this course for your MR with more participants? Contact us for more information about the possibilities.

    Target group and duration

    • Target group: members of the (G)MR / (General) Participation Council
    • Duration: 2,5 hours plus possibly an assignment and reader

    Materials to receive

    • Hand-out of the PowerPoint

  • Pricing

    For your organization

    To organise this course for your organisation, click on the blue button ‘Aanvragen’ below.

    • Members: €913,75 | Maximum of 10 participants. In case of more participants an extra fee of €42,50 per person will be charged.
    • Non-membrs: €1.075,- | Maximum of 10 participants. In case of more participants an extra fee of €50,- per person will be charged.

    Above mentioned amounts are exluding travel costs (dependent on the travel time and distance) and customisation costs (€149,50), so the course leader can have a preparation meeting with the applicant and read important documents in advance.

    Individual enrollment

    You are able to enroll for one of our dates below.

    • Members: €176,38 per person
    • Non-members: €207,50 per person

    Costs for this course will be compensated

    All reasonably necessary costs for the work as a MR member, including training costs, are at the expense of the school board (article 28 paragraph 2 WMS). The costs of this course are therefore compensated by the school leader of the school board. Asking for permission is not required. However, do inform the school leadership in advance about the costs and the purpose. This also applies to the VOO-membership. Become a member of the VOO as a (G)MR / (General) Participation Council and receive 15% discount on this and all our other courses, on guidance and make use of the VOO Helpdesk.

  • Reviews

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    This way you can see per course and on an annual basis how the courses have been assessed on numerous aspects. Such as the marks for course leaders, the extent to which the learning objects have been achieved and the extent to which the participants are satisfied with the content of the course. There is also a page with more extensive reactions from participants.

    The dashboard is updated in real-time, based on the evaluations that our course participants complete immediately after the course has ended.

Meer informatie

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  • MR Start English online on April 15th from 7-9.30pm
    15 april 2024

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